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My Calling came on August 12th, 1990, while serving in the U.S. Air Force during the first Persian Gulf War.  I heard what I now know was the voice of God, it actually came as a thought as I was reading a passage of Scripture from Ephesians 2:8‐9 which says ” For by grace are you saved through faith, it is the gift of God; not of works so that no man can boast."  I remember seeing a light that radiated at the sound of God's voice and experiencing a warm feeling all over my body, and then tears on my face. What I now know, the Holy Spirit kept saying to me... for by grace are you saved through faith. I kept saying back in my thoughts..., but Lord, I don't deserve it. The Holy Spirit said back to me... “It is by grace, the undeserved favor of God is upon you; it is a gift; and all you have to do is accept it."


That was the first time that I recognized God's voice and I opened my heart and allowed Him to enter into my life by the power of the Holy Spirit. You see, I had read the Bible many times completely through and attended church services regularly so, you would have thought that I was saved and knew Jesus, but I didn’t and had never recognized God's voice before that day.  Even though I had heard it before, this time that I recognized that it was God speaking to me and I discovered that my walk with Christ was not about knowing the Bible, but about knowing Jesus. Not about Christianity, but about Christ, not about going to church; but being the church. I came to know and accept what God has done for me through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, who had already paid the penalty for my sins through His death on the cross.  Now my focus is on developing and maintaining an intimate relationship with God through my faith in Him. I realized at that moment that not only did God want to speak to me; but that He wanted to speak through me to others. So, I began to share my daily Scripture reading on an index card with the rest of my tent mates.


There is a scripture which says: ... “My sheep know my voice and a stranger's voice they will not follow. Until that moment my attitude in life was all about me, but gradually the love of God changed me into a person with a new heart and mind. He created in new a clean heart and renewed a right spirit within me. Now, my life has a meaning, purpose and direction.


My ministry started as an outreach to provide food, clothing and shelter to the sick, poor and elderly in the Midlands Region of  Sumter, Richland, and Kershaw Counties of South Carolina in May 1992; that same year I reluctantly enrolled in what was then called the University of Biblical Studies, which later became American Bible College and Seminary. You see, I say reluctantly because I didn’t want to be just another preacher with a piece of paper; I wanted to have a real relationship with God, one that would show itself to others through love and I didn’t want to be just a hearer of the Word; but to be a doer of the Word, both written and spoken.

In September of 2000, while serving on staff at my family's local Baptist church, I took a vacation to visit the Billy Graham's Training Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and as I approached the top of one of the mountain peaks, I noticed that it was covered by a cloud so thick that I had to pull my car over. The wind started blowing fiercely and I heard the God's voice again which said... "Destroy the Yoke in Roanoke", I asked where that is do you mean Virginia? "No in Alabama". God said.  For two years, I fought the call to go because I was secure with my job, family and friends. But finally, after God put me into a dry season of life in which everything around me began to disappear, that I submitted to the will of God and went not knowing what may lay ahead. You see, when God decides that He wants to do something through you, it is then up to you to obey or disobey because God will not force Himself on us.

During those years God began to develop in me His vision and purpose for my life.  I came realized that God was pruning me and that here were some things that had to be rearranged in my life: my allegiance to family, friends, career, possessions and self. You see Christ had to have first place in my life. God didn't want just part of me; He wanted all of me: mind, body and soul. 

Listen, regardless of how many times you have failed, there still the chance for you to get back up again. Just because you have failed at something, that doesn’t make you a failure that just means that you are human… just know this that there is no failure in God. And remember this... no test, no testimony.  Sometimes we fail and don't always get every answer right; but you can get back up again! I'm a witness to God's Amazing Grace... through failure, defeat, and lack to: joy, peace, and righteousness (being in right standing with God) by being brought out of the darkness into the Kingdom of His marvelous light... Hallelujah, I can't tell it all; but I just can't keep it to myself... I have to tell somebody... Glory to God! Today, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am continuing to walk after the things of God by heeding His voice and being continually perfected by the Holy Spiri because God's Word (both written and spoken) shall not return back unto Him void (without accomplishing its purpose).


The two‐fold mission, mandate which God gave me is based on two Old Testament characters and reflect the power or anointing of God upon my life and ministry: (1) Ezra...  "Restoring Worship and (2) Nehemiah... "Rebuilding Lives". It is my desire that each and every person comes to know and understand that God has plan and purpose for your life and look forward to connecting with you to share more about... God’s Amazing Grace!


My True Companion and Help-Meet

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In His Service,​

Lyndon B. Hutcherson

"Restoring Worship & Rebuilding Lives"

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