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I hold a PhD in Education, specializing in Child Development and Family Studies, with a special focus on Children Living with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Africa. Adjunct Faculty @ PACU and CCGD, Special Needs Expert, Educator and Advocate for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders


My name is Phidel Baraza, the Founder/Executive Director of "Beauty Out of Mire" (BOOM - KENYA), which is an outreach ministry designed to provide support for individuals and families dealing with Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I welcome you to my site which outlines some of the various outreaches and support systems that we have in place to assist individuals and families worldwide who are dealing with these issues.

My Story

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This is Raziela Miracle (Razie) - who is the inspiration behind this outreach. God has used her to bring to light the needs of individuals and families facing these issues. Normally people face the stress of life and just keep plowing through, day after day. Occasionally the pressure gets to them and they crack, crumble, and crash. They're left hurting and hopeless. For many, hopelessness has become their existence. It's at this point that we must strive to discover how the pressure of life can help us find hope instead of despair. Hope does not lie in circumstances and emotions. Hope does not lose its form. I realized that like a river with all its twists and turns and rapids and calm, circumstances and emotions are always changing…. nothing seems permanent in this world. We are here to encourage you; a) to inspire people with your cheerful attitude while you are going through such obviously thorny times in your life, and b) to take a bold move, gather yourself together, pick up the pieces, make a creative transition, and develop new skills. 


Feel free to reach contact us to find out how you can connect with us and support our efforts.

+254 721 984635

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"Restoring Worship & Rebuilding Lives"

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